List of ideas I'm working on!

Samsung + Alzeimer's UK: Samsung can measure the rate at which you type, and inform you of any behavioural changes in the way you type, spell or punctuate. You'll be in charge of all data, and can even send it on to your GP if you want to get it checked out.

Wetherspoons: Its cheap and always on the list on a pub crawl. Ideas: "Race to buy your round".

Ella's Kitchen babyfood: Its famed for having its ingredients made in the best purest, most nutritious soil. Lets make mud face mask to show that its so safe you can put it on your face, and pamper mum at the same time.

Stella Artois: "Ode to Stella". It's the most popular beer to come home too after work. So let's personify Stella and write her a sonnet book declaring love for dearest Stella, the best person to come home too.